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Westfield London

Air terminal devices manufactured by Waterloo Air Products are providing retailers and shoppers with a comfortable shopping environment at The Westfield London retail development.

Air conditioning is a major part of the centre’s infrastructure and the system at Westfield London is extensive and comprises air handlers, dry air coolers and split systems. Waterloo air terminal devices were specified as a result of the company’s reputation for manufacturing high quality products and ability to custom build and have been used extensively throughout the complex.

Waterloo worked closely with M&E contractors Imtech Meica and fast-tracked the manufacture of a comprehensive mix of standard and custom manufactured units. These included double deflection grilles, high capacity swirl grilles, linear slot diffusers, high induction barrel slot diffusers, Hi-Flo jet diffusers, drum jet diffusers and supply air nozzle diffusers.

“Having worked with Waterloo on a number of projects we were confident that they would provide good quality products even under pressure, our experience of their pre-order and after sales support is excellent” says John Reilly Senior Project Manager, Imtech Meica.

Ensuring air was distributed effectively throughout the centre proved challenging with doors constantly opening and closing, varying levels of footfall and the vagaries of the climate. Computational heat and fluid dynamics models based on all doors being closed were used to design the air conditioning system, with door heaters installed to compensate for any heat losses.


The selection of air terminal devices required a mix of diffusers and grilles to ensure optimum air movement. Good throw capabilities, maximum induction and low noise levels were key criteria. Linear slot diffusers were selected for their high induction characteristics and the drum jet diffusers for their long throws. Supply air nozzles were specified for their low noise levels, long throw capabilities, easy to clean aesthetic appearance and high air handling capacity. The centre’s high heating and cooling differentials also required high capacity swirl diffusers that produced a horizontal radial air pattern and offered high entrainment characteristics, double deflection grilles offering maximum induction and quiet operation were also used.

High level drum jet diffusers were used in all the mall areas with eye ball nozzles used at each entrance and a mix of double deflection and swirl grilles used in the Café Court. Swirl diffusers, drum jets, single slot linear grilles and nozzle diffusers were extensively used in the The Atrium.

All grilles had a noise rating of 35dba, pressure loss of 20pa and a terminal velocity no greater than 0.25m/s at head height. Plenum boxes were sited internally with 15mm insulation. The majority of grilles were standard white with 30% gloss to meet the centre’s aesthetic requirements with some in the Café Court coloured black to blend in with specific design requirements.


The project required regular deliveries to meet stringent programme deadlines. Waterloo responded by manufacturing large volumes of products so that many of the orders could be fulfilled within a week.