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Don’t get Caught with Ventilation on the DEC Advisory Report

What is a DEC?

As a move to increase public awareness of energy usage, in October 2008, it became a legal requirement for all public establishments (including schools) with a floor area totalling above 1000m² to have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).
Portree High School

A DEC displays the actual energy usage and energy efficiency of the particular building.

The advisory report, which accompanies a DEC, lists methods of reducing the energy use and increasing the energy efficiency.

One way in particular is by improving the ventilation systems that run through every building.

This became an interesting challenge for many school and higher education establishments.

Standard Products

With a vast range of suitable Air Terminal Devices (ATD’s), Waterloo have been specified for a large number of schools as a means of creating systems that are sustainable, long lasting and low in cost.

For projects that require sleek aesthetics, without compromising on versatility or performance, design consultants have been specifying Waterloo’s Polymer Aircell and Linear Slot Diffusers for a majority of projects.

Within a school, health and safety is paramount, with a class “0” fire rating, Waterloo’s Polymer Aircell are a self-evident choice with their Louvre Faced design.

However, with more and more projects opting away from the classical school appearance, the widely used Louvre Faced Diffusers are being replaced with a more continual design.

Linear Diffuser are a range of multi-talented diffusers with a long unbroken design; allowing them to run continuously along the length of a corridor or a short distance through an atrium.

From ceiling to floor Waterloo is able to cover all bases with Floor Swirl Diffusers becoming a favourable specification to suit the sustainable energy designs.

Waterloo’s WFO range offers the choice of horizontal or vertical air pattern with its flip over design; as well as a host of other unique patented features.


Waterloo has been specified to help reduce energy and increase efficiency in a number of schools, academies and universities throughout the country.

Here are just a few projects we have worked with:

J&E Building

  • Dingwall Academy, Scotland
  • Leicester University
  • Castle College, Sheffield
  • St. Joseph’s School, London
  • Dartford Technical College, Kent