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Ventilating residential environments

Sometimes only the very best will do. As more thought and imagination is brought to the design and layout of our homes, you need to understand the demands of 21st century living. You need to understand how your clients view the world and how they expect to go about their lives. We at Waterloo we have this understanding. We can assist.


Waterloo understand interior environments and ventilation. But more than that, Waterloo can respond to and compliment the visually and aesthetically stunning. We are true craftsmanship in a modern age. We understand how to turn your visions into reality.

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As you create your interiors you need confidence that your ideas and concepts can be presented in the way that retains their integrity whilst delivering the performance that is required.

Waterloo has an unrivalled breadth of products and options to meet your requirements. We have a proving and testing laboratory to demonstrate even the most extreme concepts.


Waterloo has a deep understanding of the constraints and opportunities of building design. Our reputation for product excellence and flexibility is founded on our wealth of experience and the fluency and knowledge of our designers, craftsmen and engineers.

We look to the future. We have a willingness to explore new ways of working, and we have a desire to share with you the benefits of our expertise in construction design, management, planning, procurement and programming.

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Waterloo are here to help you. We are here to help you create exceptional homes that meet the world’s most complex and demanding architectural visions.

Call upon our seasoned craftsmen and engineering staff with their world-class views of present day and future technologies. Call upon our Creative Studio, with its wide ranging experience of collaboration and innovation.

But most of all call upon Waterloo to stand with you to deliver the future.