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Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum’s relies on high performance diffusers

When Fortnum & Mason one of London’s premier shopping emporiums underwent a major refurbishment Waterloo Air Product’s plc was selected to meet its air distribution requirements.

Fortnum & Mason is a Piccadilly institution and has been trading successfully for over 300 years. Although the store underwent a re-fit in 1998 the store decided that it needed a major refurbishment to encourage greater and more frequent footfall from its existing customers as well as enticing new shoppers.

The store’s historic building which occupies some 62,000 square feet in one of London’s busiest roads posed a number of challenges but the store was also keen that any work had to fit within this space and minimise disruption to the business. The comfort of its loyal customer base and new customers was a major consideration and an effective and aesthetically pleasing air distribution system was essential.

Waterloo was selected by the store’s architects to supply its range of CSF continuous slot diffusers for the project.

Waterloo’s CSF has set the industry standard in terms of aerodynamic and acoustic performance. It is particularly suited to variable volume applications due to its excellent low flow rate air diffusion characteristics and air handling capacity. Also, the novel air pattern control element design allows any air diffusion to vertical projection without any changes to the exterior appearance.

Fortnum & Mason
Over a period of two years Fortnum & Mason underwent a substantial and very successful transformation. It now boasts five impressive shopping floors including two stunning food halls, five brand new restaurants, and an imposing central atrium along with a sweeping staircase and roof-light that forms an eye-catching focal point to the store.