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WTP Plenum Box to suit SDF Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers

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      The proprietary plenum boxes for our SDF swirl diffusers are designed to guarantee a good mixing of the air prior to diffusion through the terminals. Available with Side or Top Entry connections to customer-specific diameter, these can be fitted with Spigot flap dampers FD, cord- or quadrant-operated, as well as 6mm acoustic lining (optional) reaction to fire class C-s3-d0 to EN 13501-1: 2007 to avoid noise generation.

      The Supply air plenum box includes an internal baffle plate to evenly distribute the airflow over the swirl area.

      Product Description

      • WTPPlenum box to suit SDF Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers
      • SESide Entry spigot
      • TETop Entry spigot
      • FDCCord-operated Flap damper (optional)
      • FDQQuadrant-operated Flap damper (optional)
      • LINED6mm acoustic lining (optional) reaction to fire class C-s3-d0 to EN 13501-1: 2007
      • BLACKPlenum painted black to prevent through vision


      • Galavnised steel, stitch fixed
      • Side or Top entry spigot with optional airflow control damper
      • Oblong holes on top plate for easy drop rod installation
      • Internal baffle plate for Supply air diffuser


      • WTPGalvanised sheet steel



      Please note a 300x300 grid is only available for an exposed lay-in type, and with neck sizes up to 250 Ø.

      Product Specification

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