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WR Large Format Circular Diffusers

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      The Waterloo WR series is suitable for ceiling or exposed ductwork mounting and includes a rotating central core adjustment feature to provide projection heating and spot cooling or conventional horizontal diffusion. Manufactured from aluminium spinnings, the diffusers are available with a range of dampers and equalising grids for effective control of air distribution.

      Product Description

      • WR Large format circular diffuser
      • LD Butterfly type louvre damper (sizes 6-18 only)
      • OBSS Opposed blade damper (sizes 21-24 only)
      • SD/ED Splitter damper / Equalising deflector


      • High air handling capacity
      • Easily removable central core assembly
      • Simple installation
      • Maintenance free quality product
      • Core adjustment feature
      • Range of accessories
      • Suitable for supply and exhaust


      PPG9010 (RAL 9010 Gloss - 80% Gloss White)
      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 Matt - 20% Gloss White)
      PPM9006 (RAL 9006 Matt - 30% Gloss Silver)
      Other colours available on request



      WR/6 - 1.2 kg

      WR/8 - 1.5 kg

      WR/10 - 2.3 kg

      WR/12 - 3.3 kg

      WR/15 - 5.5 kg

      WR/18 - 7.8 kg

      WR/21 - 10.5 kg

      WR/24 - 14.0 kg


      Remove core from bayonet fixing and offer diffuser frame into opening.

      Screw fix through diffuser stack into duct. Replace core ensuring the bayonet fixing is secure.

      Product Specification

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