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WR (WRS / WRD) Round Variable Air Volume

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      The Waterloo variable air volume damper supplies a controlled volume of air, independent of the duct pressure. The unit consists of a Waterloo Flow Sensor, a damper section and a motor with integrated controller.

      The external motor controls the required air volume between factory commissioned maximum and minimum settings. Depending on the chosen controller a BMS control system can be connected to the unit. If required the unit can be set as a constant volume damper. Single skin and double insulated skin units are available.

      Product Description

      • WRSSingle Skin Air Volume Damper
      • WRDDouble Skin Insulated Air Volume Damper


      • Adjustable for air velocity of 2.0 - 10 m/s
      • Accuracy ± 10%
      • Suitable for mounting in all positions
      • Minimum straight duct is 2x ø diameter of unit
      • Manufactured in standard circular duct sizes
      • Factory set
      • Settings adjustable on site
      • Controls from a number of difFerent manufactures may be fitted.


      Casing and Damper: Zintec Plate

      Damper Blade has a rubber seal

      Accessories (Transformer)

      • WT24.240240v to 24v AC Power supply


      Ø100, Ø125, Ø160, Ø200,

      Ø250, Ø315, Ø355, Ø400

      Nom. ØD L
      100 400
      125 400
      160 400
      200 500
      250 500
      315 500
      355 600
      400 600

      Product Specification

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      WR Round Variable Air Volume


      WRS, WRD Round Variable Air Volume


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