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WFV / WFVG / WFG Fire-rated Air Transfer Grilles

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      The Waterloo fire rated ventilators are suitable for 1 hour rated doors and masonry partitions. The units, which satisfy BS 476 Part 22, incorporate intumescent elements which expand and carbonise when exposed to temperatures in excess of 150°C, thereby sealing off the ventilation opening.

      The ventilators may be beaded directly into the door/partition opening or covered by optional steel grilles to suit aesthetic requirements.

      WFV units are constructed from hollow PVC extrusions enclosing PALUSOL 210 wire reinforced intumescent media. The extrusions are retained in a horizontal louvre pattern by reinforced vertical members and an enclosing frame system.

      Product Description

      • WFVCore only fire rated ventilator
      • WFVGFire rated ventilator complete with 2 matching steel grilles
      • WFGSingular steel grille only
      • Note:Special assemblies using standard Waterloo aluminium grilles are available for partition arrangements


      • 1 hour fire rating to BS 476 Part 22
      • Easy to install
      • Attractive appearance
      • Available as core only
      • Available with covering steel grilles
      • Suitable for door and masonry partition mounting
      • Special assemblies available for partitions incorporating standard Waterloo grilles


      WFV - Silver PVC
      Grilles - PPM 9010

      Other colours available on request


      Minimum size - 150 x 150mm
      Maximum size - 600 x 600mm

      Width (W) and height (H) are nominal opening sizes


      Tested and Rated in accordance BS 476 Part 22.
      Certificate number CF 564 (TS47).


      WFV cores should be fitted into a cleanly cut aperture with a maximum gap of 5mm around the frames; gaps larger than this should be filled with intumescent paste. The cores may be retained by using a bead frame. If supplied, the pressed steel cover grilles should be screw fixed through the frame holes provided.

      Note: Not suitable for plasterboard portions.


      Product Specification


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      WFV Fire-rated Air Transfer Grilles


      WFV Fire-rated Air Transfer Grilles diag

      WFV, WFVG Fire-rated Air Transfer Grilles diag



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