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      The Waterloo Aircell WFO series floor diffuser offers the choice of horizontal or vertical air patterns with its flip over design, as well as a host of other unique & patented features.

      The WFOV low pressure vertical supply disc offers vertical projection with a 50% increase in air volume capacity, compared with standard WFOR units.

      The WFOI provides a high induction discharge pattern at between 30 and 45 degrees which provides dynamic mixing that results in efficient velocity equalisation within the occupied zone.

      The WFO diffuser discs are 200mm Ø and have been designed to resist permanent deformation when subjected to point loads up to 500 kg.

      The WFOV diffuser disc is suitable for point loads up to 300kg all materials used are fire retardant.

      Product Description

      • WFORTPressurised Floor Void - Tile installation suitable for fitting into standard floor tile thicknesses of up to 50mm, supplied with a locking collar which is screw fixed to the underside of the tile
      • WFOITAs above but with high induction disc
      • WFOVTAs above but with low pressure vertical air pattern disc
      • WFORSPressurised Void - Slab floor installation supplied with a steel adaptor collar which is cast into the floor slab. The diffuser can then be installed into the collar with concealed spring clips
      • WFORPDucted installation with plenum supplied
      • WFOVPAs above but with low pressure vertical air pattern disc
      • WFOIDStep Drilled Installation. The diffuser disc only is supplied, suitable for installation into pre-cut holes in floor tiles.


      • Unique ‘flip-over design’ (WFOR)
      • Memory locating peg
      • Easy fit locking collar
      • Concealed fixing bracket for concrete / slab flooring
      • Combined damper /dirt tray with incremental damper positioning
      • Heavy duty glass reinforced polycarbonate construction
      • Compact plenum with optional spigots to suit 100 or 125mm ducting


      WFO diffusers are available in a slate grey finish (RAL 7037 Mid Grey) as standard. Limited other colours can be specified subject to a minimum order quantity of 1000 No. (Note: lead time and price will be affected).


      • Ability to change between horizontal and vertical settings instantly (WFOR)
      • Commissioning settings are retained once set using the memory locating peg
      • Reduced installation time with easy fit locking collar

      Product Specification

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