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VB Exhaust Valves

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      A range of high quality valves for supply and exhaust applications for commercial and industrial projects. Series V valves are best applied to air distribution systems handling relatively low air flow rates within small circular ductwork. The valves provide high initial resistance with wide throttling capability which is necessary to offset the relatively high system resistances.

      VB valves are constructed from steel spinnings protected by a polyester powder gloss white finish. Flanges are fitted with sealing gaskets and all units are supplied as standard with plated steel mounting subframes.

      Product Description

      • VBExhaust valves with spindle locknut
      • VBF60 minutes fire rated


      VB/F valves are supplied with a steel mounting subframe which should be fixed to the prepared opening.

      • Cut aperture to suit subframe size shown in table below
      • Screw subframe into aperture
      • Offer valve body into subframe and rotate into bayonet fixing


      Standard - polyester powder gloss white


      Subframe Ø 100 Ø 125 Ø 150 Ø 160 Ø 200
      B 100 125 150 160 200
      A 130 155 180 190 236
      H 28 29 31 31 33


      VB/F Ø 100 Ø 125 Ø 150 Ø 160 Ø 200
      Ø D 137 161 202 212 248
      S 74 97 117 127 156
      B 75 100 120 130 157
      H 47 49 50 54 63

      Please note Ø160 not for VBF


      Product Specification

      VBF VAF Datasheet
      VBF VAF Datasheet

      Fire rated VAB and VAF valve test certificate.

      VBF VAF Test Chilt-IF10090
      VBF VAF Test Chilt-IF10090

      Indicative test for VAF and VBF valves to cover use in timber ceilings.


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