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      As the possibilities of architectural design are pushed to wider and wider boundaries, Waterloo’s extraordinarily wide range of standard air terminal devices may well provide solutions to your challenges and requirements.

      And when your vision and requirements are beyond our standard ranges, we are here to assist with specially designed and made-to-order products.

      Our flexibility with specials is founded on our wealth of experience, the fluency and knowledge of our highly-skilled staff and our willingness to share with you the benefits of our expertise in construction, design, management, planning, procurement and programming.

      There will be times when you need to develop your design or demonstrate the performance of your concepts and solutions to your client. Waterloo’s senior technical team and fully equipped test laboratory are available for your testing and client demonstration even before a formal order is placed.

      Waterloo has a fully equipped test and development laboratory and senior staff who have a deep understanding of building ventilation. Whether you require confirmation or demonstration of your system's performance, or just confidence that Waterloo products comply with the stated performance characteristics, then you can rely on Waterloo's technical excellence.

      Call upon our deep understanding of the opportunities and constraints of air distribution in building design.

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