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SBM / VBM Passive Chilled Beams

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      The Waterloo PBM passive beam module has been designed to provide a comfortable and competitive method of space conditioning that is suitable for all concealed or surface mounting applications. With its quick and easy method of mounting the series SBM Surface Beam Module passive chilled beam is suitable for single handed installation on a 4000mm module size.

      There is a choice of case options that combines aesthetic flexibility with the correct free area to ensure that natural convection takes place. The process of cooling by natural convection offers an effective and draught free environment that has no system noise and allows the occupant to work in pleasant environment that is self balancing: as the heat load in the room increases and the velocity of the convected air accelerates through the cooling coil: the beam becomes more efficient. This process is reversed when the heat load decreases. The maximum beam length in one module is 4000mm.

      To meet the demands of the modern building the Waterloo VBM Void Beam Module passive chilled beam is available in a wide choice of length, width and height dimensions that provide a comprehensive choice when selecting chilled beams to offset the heat load in any size of building.

      Outlet pipe connections can be made either horizontally or vertically and can be supplied with control valves, shut off valves, air vents and flexible connections factory fitted to enable speedy installation of the chilled beam. Modular connection of any combination of beam length is available with horizontal connections.


      • A wide range of casework styles
      • Luminaires, sprinkler apertures and P.A. integration
      • Wide range of finishes
      • Many facia styles (linear or perforated)


      All weights are for a bare coil

      • 1 Row9.3 kg/m²
      • 2 Row18.6 kg/m²
      • 3 Row27.9 kg/m²

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      Passive Chilled Beams Coil-Dimensions



      Passive Chilled Beams Coil

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