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RWI Perforated Face Circular Diffusers

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      The Waterloo high induction perforated face circular diffuser type RWI has an adjustable radial diffusion pattern and provides excellent induction characteristics. The diffuser and faceplate are manufactured from aluminium with a plenum in zintec steel, and have been designed with modern ceiling types in mind. With their perforated face design, these diffusers ensure that the primary air is already mixed inside the diffuser with the room air, which results in a rapid temperature decay and short throw.

      Product Description

      • RWI Circular supply diffuser with perforated faceplate
      • RWI-R Circular return diffuser with perforated faceplate
      • UKDV Supply air plenum
      • UKDVI Insulated supply air plenum
      • UKRV Return air plenum
      • UKRVI Insulated return air plenum


      • Supply and exhaust applications for heating, cooling and isothermal conditions
      • Excellent induction characteristics
      • Variety of air patterns
      • Suitable for modular ceiling systems


      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 20% Gloss White)

      Other colours available on request


      • Excellent aerodynamic performance
      • No ceiling effect required
      • Short throw


      Note: Z = 19/26.5/34mm (depending on faceplate setting)

      Product Specification

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