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RWH / RWH-P Hi-Flo Jet Diffusers

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      The Waterloo RWH diffusers have been designed to handle high air flow rates and provide relatively long throws which makes them particularly suitable for conditioning of large spaces such as halls, auditoria, terminal buildings, warehouses and factories.

      The diffusers are versatile in application by virtue of the novel “reversible and rotatable” core design which allows the air jet to be adjusted for both pattern and deflection. Units may be mounted individually or in banks, in bulkhead arrangements or directly into stub ducts.

      The diffusers are constructed from aluminium spinnings supported on a studding and spacer assembly. The core may be rotated through 180° to expose either a straight or diffused core assembly. In addition, the diffuser spigot may be rotated within the mounting plate (if supplied) to enable a full 360° adjustment, by releasing the tension bolts.

      Product Description

      • RWHComplete diffuser assembly including diffuser core, spigot and mounting plate (wall or ceiling mounting).
      • RWH-PDiffuser core and spigot only (suitable for mounting onto bulkheads or stub ducts thus eliminating the large mounting plate).


      • Simple and effective air diffusion for large spaces
      • Long throw characteristics
      • High air handling capacity
      • Easy to install and adjust
      • Reversible core to produce long throw jet or short throw diffuser patterns
      • Core rotatable through 360° for “eyeball” jet direction
      • Jet may be deflected off axis by up to 15°
      • Available in four sizes
      • Multiple outlet arrangements


      PPG9010 (RAL 9010 Gloss - 80% Gloss White)
      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 Matt - 20% Gloss White)
      PPM9006 (RAL 9006 Matt - 30% Gloss Silver)
      Other colours available on request


      Size RWH RWH-P
      200 1.6 kg 1.2 kg
      250 2.5 kg 1.8 kg
      315 4.2 kg 3.1 kg
      380 5.3 kg 4.1 kg



      Size Ø A Ø B Ø C D E F G
      200 247 198 235 92 98 22 28
      250 312 248 285 104 116 34 34
      315 377 313 350 124 154 47 68
      380 447 378 415 159 155 80 65


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