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RPVB Aircell Polymer Valves

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      The Waterloo Aircell RPVB air valves are an attractive and versatile form of air terminal for use as either a side wall grille or ceiling diffuser in supply or extract applications. Moulded in ABS engineering polymer to achieve a high quality finish, the units are available in 100mm or 125mm diameter neck sizes and can be supplied with optional pre-set flow regulators.

      The RPVB valve comprises a flanged frame with a perforated snap-fit fascia. The perforated fascia can be configured to give either horizontal diffusion or a projection jet using a concealed deflection pad. The RPVB valves fitted with a removable internal baffle to limit the jet spread angle when wall mounted or when ceiling mounted close to a wall. This internal baffle may be simply snapped off to give 360° jet spread.

      The optional air flow regulators (AR) are designed to push fit into the frame to control air in either supply or extract mode and are available in three flow settings for each size. The units maintain a constant flow over a pressure range of 50-200 Pa.

      Product Description

      • RPVBWall or ceiling application - perforated fascia
      • AR12112 l/s regulator for Ø 100
      • AR17117 l/s regulator for Ø 100
      • AR25125 l/s regulator for Ø 100
      • AR17517 l/s regulator for Ø 125
      • AR25525 l/s regulator for Ø 125
      • AR33533 l/s regulator for Ø 125
      • DC1Installation collar for Ø 100
      • DC5Installation collar for Ø 125


      RPVB valves simply push fit into circular ducting or optional installation collar when using flexible ducting. Suitable for mounting in wall or ceiling tiles.


      White - standard

      All others subject to minimum order quantity


      RPVB Ø A Ø D Ø L1 Ø L2
      RPVB 100 110 97 140 85
      RPVB 125 135 122 150 85


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