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PRD (PRDS / PRDE / PRDD) Pressure Relief Dampers

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      The Waterloo PRD pressure regulating dampers are designed to maintain a preset constant pressure differential across a partition wall or within a duct system. The damper incorporates a finely balanced aerofoil blade which is capable of regulating room or duct pressures within a tolerance band of ± 3 Pa over a wide airflow range.

      Control pressures are factory set to customer requirements but may be adjusted in service by changing the blade weights. The units are available in three standard widths, with modular heights up to 1275mm, and may be combined with grilles or louvres for through the wall installations.

      Typical applications include operating theatres, laboratories, or clean rooms where cascade systems may be used to regulate room pressures. They are also suitable for zone pressurisation systems for smoke control in the event of fire.


      Waterloo pressure regulating dampers are manufactured from aluminium extrusions and assembled using screw fixing, welding and soldering techniques to form a robust construction. The blade pivot mechanism incorporates nylon bushes and stainless steel pins to ensure maintenance free operation.

      Product Description

      • PRDSSupply pressure regulating damper
      • PRDEExhaust pressure regulating damper
      • PRDDDuct mounted pressure regulating damper


      • Passive, balanced blade principle requires no power supply
      • Close tolerance control with preset pressures between 15 Pa and 75 Pa
      • Wide air handling capacity between 17 l/s and 2900 l/s
      • Suitable for supply or exhaust applications
      • Easy-clean surfaces suitable for medical applications
      • May be integrated with external louvres or internal grilles for through the wall installations


      PPM9006 (RAL 9006 Matt Silver)
      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 Matt White)
      PPG9010 (RAL 9010 Gloss White)

      Other colours available on request

      Product Specification


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      PRD Pressure Relief Dampers diag


      PRD Pressure Relief Dampers diag





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