P Polymer Plenum Box to suit Aircell Diffusers (M and 2 series)

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      The proprietary Aircell Polymer plenum boxes for M and 2 series Diffusers are designed for effective air mixing, as well as quick installation with snap-in locks and dual Top/Side entry design.

      They incorporate internal guide vanes and are made of Black ABS engineering polymer, with the same fire-resistance and non-corroding characteristics as the Terminals

      Product Description

      • PPolymer Plenum box for Aircell Diffusers (M300, M450, M500, M600, 2300, 2600)


      • Black FR grade ABS engineering polymer
      • Unique spigot design to suit Side/Top entry connections
      • Snap-in locks for quick installation
      • Internal vanes for reduced air turbulence


      • PSelf finish


      Model C D E
      P300 245 224 197
      P450 277 299 247
      P600 366 449 397

      Product Specification

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