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OB (OBSS / OBCO / OBSL / OBLL) Opposed Blade Dampers

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      Waterloo OB Opposed Blade Dampers are manufactured to suit virtually the whole of our square / rectangular Air Terminal range and can be fitted to the neck of the terminals or inside plenum box.

      They are adjustable from the front of the Grille or Diffuser with a screwdriver as standard, but are also available with cord- or lever-operation.

      Manufactured with linked aluminium extruded blades, in sizes to suit any Waterloo Grille or Diffuser, they are useful for fine airflow regulation and can be adjusted from fully open to closed low-leakage position.

      Product Description

      • OBSSOpposed Blade Damper, Screwdriver operated
      • OBCOOpposed Blade Damper, Cord operated
      • OBSLOpposed Blade Damper, Short Lever operated
      • OBLLOpposed Blade Damper, Long Lever operated
      • BLACKPainted black to prevent through vision


      • Linked aluminium extrusions for limited extra weight
      • Large choice of adjustments to suit any configuration
      • Can be fitted to virtually any Waterloo Grille or Diffuser


      • OBExtruded aluminium blades


      • Minimum100 x 75mm
      • Minimumfor Plasterline 100 x 50mm
      • Maximumsingle section 800x600mm

      Multiple sections will be banked to accommodate larger terminal sizes.

      Product Specification

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