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M Aircell Louvre Face Diffusers

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      The Waterloo Aircell M series presents all the cost and design advantages of the 2000 series with the visual appeal of clean, unbroken lines on the traditional multicone design.

      The diffusers are available in a range of 4 sizes to integrate with standard 300mm and 600mm ceilings and the 500mm and 600mm European systems.

      Product Description

      • M300300 sq diffuser
      • M450450 sq diffuser
      • M500500 sq diffuser
      • M600600 sq diffuser
      • OBlack polymer opposed blade damper
      • PBlack polymer plenum box
      • FFixing kit
      • BMBlanking kit
      • R600Reducer with 312 Ø spigot


      • Contemporary style designed for visual integration with luminaires and other ceiling elements
      • Ease of installation with concealed, single point fixing into P series plenum or rigid ducting
      • Full range of integrated accessories available including directional or core blanking kits, universal plenums and opposed blade dampers
      • Suitable for high-cleaning regime and chlorinated environments


      Diffusers are self-coloured white RAL 9010

      Damper and plenum are self-coloured black


      • M3000.6 kg
      • M4501.4 kg
      • M5001.6 kg
      • M6002.6 kg


      Patents: 2221530, 2223840, 8818337 others


      Registered Designs: 1052716, 106216

      Fire Rating: BS476 Pt 7 Class 0. BS476 Pt 5,

      P Rating. BS 2782 Method 508A, Zero Rate of Burn.

      Performance tested to BS4773 1991, ISO 5219.

      Maximum supply air temperature must not exceed 50°C.



      Product Specification

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