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LF (LFF / LFM) Laminar Flow Diffusers

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      LF diffusers have been designed for use in clean rooms, laboratories, operating theatres, or other applications where critical control of room air movement is necessary. They are also suitable for less critical applications such as animal rooms or kitchens where a vertical flow pattern may be required.

      The laminar air pattern is achieved by use of a primary baffle within the plenum chamber and a low free area perforated discharge plate at the face of the diffuser. The diffusers are available with either a flanged frame style (type LFF) to suit conventional exposed or concealed ‘T’ ceilings, or, with a flangeless frame (type LFM) suitable for modular panel constructions.

      The LFM units can be supplied with a perimeter trim strip to suit the overall dimensions of the panel assembly. Support brackets and mounting plates can also be manufactured to fit suspended light bases used in operating theatres. The units are available in three standard sizes with options for top, side, or end entry inlet spigots and screw operated louvre dampers.


      LF laminar flow diffusers are constructed from aluminium extruded frames and assembled using welding and soldering techniques to form a robust construction.

      The perforated aluminium face plate can be easily removed for cleaning using the hook tool provided. Plenum chambers are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, with all exposed edges and spot welds protected.

      Product Description

      • LFFLaminar flow panel with flanged frame
      • LFMLaminar flow panel with modular flangeless frame
      • LDLouvre damper


      • Two frame styles and sizes to suit 600mm and 1200mm ‘T’ ceilings or modular panel assemblies.
      • Side, top, or end entry spigot connections with optional spigot mounted louvre damper
      • Pivoting, removable face plate for easy maintenance.
      • Easy clean aluminium face plate and frame with durable polyester powder coating.


      PPG9010 (RAL 9010 Gloss - 80% Gloss White)
      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 Matt - 20% Gloss White)
      PPM9006 (RAL 9006 Matt - 30% Gloss Silver)
      Other colours available on request

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      LFF-TE=Top-EntryLFF -TE = Top Entry


      LFF-SE = Side-EntryLFF - SE = Side Entry
      LFF - EE = End Entry


       LFM-TE = Top-EntryLFM -TE = Top Entry


      LFM-SE = -Side-EntryLFM -SE = Side Entry
      LFM -EE = End Entry

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