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M Lever-operated Adjustable Blade Grilles

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      The Waterloo Series M grille range features a linked multi-blade damper (open/closed position) which doubles as a set of adjustable blades (for directional air control). These grilles are typically used for domestic projects but have wider commercial applications where practical on/off air control or spot cooling/heating are necessary.
      The damper and directional blades may be visible or they can be incorporated behind a set of fixed or adjustable blades.

      Product Description

      • 1HMOne set of horizontal linked multi-shutter damper blades
      • 1VMOne set of vertical linked multi-shutter damper blades
      • 2HMFront individually adjustable horizontal blades plus rear multi-shutter damper
      • 2VMFront individually adjustable vertical blades plus rear multi-shutter damper
      • OthersCores from series 3 and Airline range with rear multi-shutter damper (see full Specification)


      • Manually operable face lever
      • Fully open to closed damper facility
      • Wide variety core/blade styles available
      • Multi-blade directional control of air
      • High quality aluminium construction


      PPG9010 (RAL 9010 Gloss - 80% Gloss White)

      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 Matt - 20% Gloss White)

      PPM9006 (RAL 9006 Matt - 30% Gloss Silver)

      Other colours available on request


      Units are available in the following standard sizes (width x height)

      1HM, 2VM All others
      200 x 200 200 x 200
      300 x 200 300 x 200
      500 x 200 300 x 300
      300 x 300 300 x 500
      500 x 300 -


      Product Specification

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