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HDFG Heavy Duty Floor Grille – Tile Replacement

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      The Waterloo HDFG Heavy Duty Floor Grille has been designed for commercial and industrial applications where heavy foot traffic is experienced. The HDFG is a 600mm tile replacement, structurally complying to the Extra Heavy Duty Class of BS EN 13264-2001.

      Product Description

      • HDFGExtra heavy duty floor grille, tile replacement.
      • OBSSOpposed blade damper
      • HMDLow height hit-and-miss damper
      • BLBlanking plate


      • Tested to, and complied with, BS EN 13264-2001 Ventilation for Buildings - Floor mounted Air Terminal Devices - Test for Structural Classification - Extra Heavy Structural Class.
      • Improved additional strength design.
      • Suitable for most pedestal flooring systems.
      • Easy “Drop in” installation.
      • Two choices of damper, including low height version.
      • Convenient damper adjustment.
      • Dampers and blanking plate can be supplied factory-fitted, or can be retro-fitted on site if necessary.

      Floor compatibility

      • Matches most raised floor systems based upon 600mm x 600mm module.
      • Configurable to match floor thicknesses 30mm to 50mm.


      • Mill finish as standard.
      • Powder or anti static nylonic coating options available on request.


      • HDFG10.0 kg per grille
      • OBSS9.5 kg per grille


      Nominal 600mm x 600mm tile replacement (599mm x 599mm actual).

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