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G, A Aircell Polymer Exhaust Grilles

    • Product Details


      The Aircell range of supply & exhaust grilles are injection moulded in self coloured white, Class ’’0’’ fire rated engineering polymer.

      Aircell G (0° fixed blade) has horizontal 0° fixed blades on a 20mm pitch.

      Aircell A (45° fixed blade) can be used as a wall or ceiling mounted grille, or alternatively they can be supplied with a reduced stack for use as a door mounted transfer grille. (see Aircell T)

      They are available in 5 standard sizes. Waterloo Aircell products can be used in any air distribution system where temperatures do not exceed 50°C.

      Product Description

      • Aircell G0° fixed blade grille
      • Aircell A45° fixed blade grille
      • GOOpposed blade damper in black engineering polymer
      • NNeck reducer in black engineering polymer


      • Class ‘0’ fire rating
      • Consistent high quality
      • Moulded in easy to clean engineering polymer
      • Suitable for high-cleaning regime and chlorinated environments


      Screw through face flange


      Self coloured white


      • Aircell G7.7 kg/m²
      • Aircell A10.2 kg/m²
      • GO7.6 kg/m²
      • N6.4 kg/m²

      Sizes (W x H)

      • 150 x 150
      • 200 x 200
      • 250 x 250
      • 300 x 150
      • 300 x 300


      • Good size range
      • Standard size neck reducers
      • No visible mitres
      • Available ' off the shelf '


      • Aircell GO series opposed blade dampers are manufactured from injection moulded components in self-coloured black engineering polymer. Adjustable through the grille face, the damper can be clipped directly onto the grille without fixings.
      • Aircell N series neck reducers are injection moulded in self coloured black engineering polymer. The units are available in five sizes to suit the grille range and are designed to snap fit over the opposed blade damper or directly onto the grille stack.
        All reducers have standard size circular spigots related to the grille height.
      Free Area
      150x150 200x200 250x250 300x150 300x300
      G 58% 60% 64% 62% 67%
      A 32% 30% 37% 33% 36%

      Product Specification

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