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FD (FDC / FDQ) Spigot Control Dampers to suit Waterloo Plenum Boxes / Neck Reducers

    • Product Details


      Designed as a cost-effective, efficient way to adjust the airflow supplied through plenum boxes or neck reducers, the FD Flap Dampers can be fitted to any of our spigots - circular, rectangular or flat oval.
      They can be adjusted with a cord, fed through the air terminal device and ready for commissioning, or with an external quadrant accessible from outside the duct, allowing for the damper to be locked into position.

      Product Description

      • FDCFlap Spigot Damper, Cord operated
      • FDQFlap Spigot Damper, Quadrant operated


      • Cost-effective airflow regulation
      • Suitable for any size / shape spigot
      • Choice of adjustment devices – Cord for commissioning flexibility or Quadrant for position control


      • FDGalvanised steel blades

      Note – the FD can only be selected with the relevant Plenum Box or Neck Reducer and trimming damper not suitable for use with a spigot velocity greater than 3.0m/s


      Any, to match spigot sizes

      Product Specification

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