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EW (EWO / EWC / EWR) Recessed Wall / Ceiling Terminals

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      EW series terminals can be used in all types of installations to provide displacement ventilation. They are designed to be installed recessed in a wall or ceiling so the front is flush with wall or ceiling, reducing the visual impact within the architectural surroundings.

      The terminal consists of a perforated front panel, which is recessed into a rigid frame with or without flanges. The front is, as standard, fixed with screws, with magnet fastening optional for ease of access.

      Behind the perforated front is an air distribution plate with nozzles.

      The EW-/1 Front panel has a non-perforated flange of about 20mm on all sides (fig.1), with fully welded corners.

      If a continuous effect is required with a long and narrow terminal (5m or more), the front plates are manufactured in equal sections up to 2m long (fig.3), with continuation of perforation between intermediate sections for an unbroken design (fig.4 and 5).

      The EW-/0 is a version without 20mm flange (fig. 2).

      Product Description

      • EWOTerminal only (robust frame, no plenum), for mounting in duct or on-site plenum
      • EWCTerminal with plenum and circular spigot
      • EWRTerminal with plenum and rectangular spigot
      • EW-/1With flanged front panel
      • EW-/0Without flange (fully perforated)


      • Front panel flush with wall/ceiling
      • Tailor-made dimensions
      • With or without plenum


      • Front panel1.25mm hot-dipped galvanised steel
      • Frame1mm electro-galvanised steel.
      • Plenum0.7-1mm electro-galvanised steel (thickness depending on size)

      The front and frame are powder coated in PPG9010.

      Other RAL and NCS colours are available on request.


      •  Reinforced front
        Option 1 - 2mm thick perforated front panel and additional U profiles as extra support. Number of profiles depending on size of unit. Other parts as standard.
        Option 2 - 3mm thick perforated front panel and additional U profiles as above.
        Front panel fixed with screws.
      • Stainless steel
        Standard quality: 1.4301 (AISI 304) visible surface-brushed / Not visible 2B finishOn request: 1.4436 (AISI 316)Front panel standard thickness: 1mm
        Option 1 - EWO Front and frame in stainless steel, air distribution plate and plenum box in galvanised steel.
        Option 2 -EWO Front, frame, and air distribution plate in stainless steel, plenum box in galvanised steel.
        Option 3 - All parts made in stainless steel


      EWO Min Max
      A 300 1200
      B 100 2000
      EWC/EWR Min Max
      A 300 1200
      B 100 2000
      C - 500

      Product Specification

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