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EI (EIO / EIC / EIR) Recessed Concealed Wall Terminals

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      The EI series units can be used in all types of installations to provide displacement ventilation. In comfort applications EI units are suitable for recessed wall installations behind a special front panel, which can be perforated sheet steel, stainless steel, brass etc.; or a bar grille made of wood, stainless steel or brass.

      The unit is available as an air distribution plate with nozzles alone; or a fully perforated, front panel can be fitted to the plate or plenum / air distribution plate assembly. The front is screwed on allowing it to be removed; installation permitting. The air distribution plate is fixed.

      EIO is a low velocity unit for flush mounting in walls.

      EIO/O (no front) consists of an air distribution plate with nozzles, to be mounted onto a plenum box. If the front panel free area is over 20%, the air distribution plate is to be ordered in matt black.

      EIC/EIR is a low velocity unit for flush mounting in a wall, with circular or rectangular spigot.

      Product Description

      • EIOAir distribution plate with nozzles, with fully perforated front panel
      • EIO/OAir distribution plate with nozzles only
      • EICWith plenum and circular spigot
      • EIRWith plenum and rectangular spigot

      Optional Special front panel


      • Tailor made dimensions
      • Several versions


      • Front panel1.25mm hot-dipped galvanised steel
      • FinishPowder painted as standard in PPG9011 or PPG9010.
      • Plenum boxes and distribution plate0.7-1mm (depending on size) electro-galvanised steel, mill finish.

      Other RAL or NCS colours are available on request.


      • Special front "A" specially perforated, flanged, front panel can be supplied on request [See drawing]. The plate with nozzles or the plenum box is assembled recessed in a wall. For larger sizes the front panel is made in two sections.As an example, a 2040x1240mm front panel is made of 2 no. 2040x620mm or 2 no. 1020x1240mm sections. Contact your nearest sales representative for advice.
      • Stainless steel front panel
      • Reinforced front


      EIO/O Min Max
      A 100 1200
      B 100 2000
      EIC/EIR Min Max
      A 100 1200
      B 100 2000
      C - 500

      Product Specification

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