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EBO Recessed Floor Terminals

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      EBO series terminals are recessed in the floor to provide displacement ventilation. The terminals can be installed in a pressurized floor or connected to the ductwork via a plenum box.

      The EBO reinforced front plate can withstand a point load of 160kg. The front plate consists of perforated steel sheet welded onto a framework. The height of the frame is adapted to fit the floor system, typically 30-40mm.

      To provide an even air distribution, a plate with nozzles is fitted behind the reinforced front. The front panel and air distribution plate drop in the raised floor.

      The EBO Front plate has a non-perforated flange of about 20mm on all sides.

      If a continuous effect is required with a long and narrow terminal assembly, the front plates are manufactured in equal sections up to 2m long, with continuation of perforation between intermediate sections for an unbroken design.

      The EBO/06-06 is a standard 600x600mm tile replacement unit suitable for raised floor systems. If required, a plenum box can be supplied and installed in the raised floor to connect to the ductwork.

      EBO can also be made to customer-specific sizes.

      Product Description

      • EBOFloor terminal with reinforced front plate for raised floor systems
      • EBO/06-06600x600mm tile replacer for raised floor systems
      • OptionalPlenum box, Damper (in spigot)


      • Fits raised floor systems with 600x600 tiles
      • Available with plenum box
      • Made in special sizes
      • Easy to install


      • Front panel3mm steel
      • Frame2mm steel
      • Distribution plate and plenum boxes0.7mm electro-galvanised steel
      • FinishThe front and frame is powder painted in PPG9011

      Specials and Accessories

      • Other RAL colours
      • EBO front plate can be supplied in 1.4301 (AISI 304) surface-brushed stainless steel


      Diameter 160 200
      D 210 250
      E 105 225
      Special Sizes
      EBO Min Max
      A 200 2000
      B 150 600
      C 30 45

      Product Specification

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