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EBD Eyeball Diffusers

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      Waterloo EBD supply nozzles are capable of delivering air to spaces where long distance penetration and low noise levels are required. Suitable for cold and warm air supply applications, these versatile adjustable units are ideal for providing focussed ventilation or where precision is required. When grouped, penetration can be considerably enhanced.

      EBD supply nozzles are made of galvanised sheet aluminium, painted RAL 9010 20% gloss as standard although other colours are available upon request. Available in 7 sizes to suit standard duct dimensions. EBD’s are manually adjusted to their chosen position, although a motorised option is available. Adjustment of up to 30° from the major axis is possible.

      Product Description

      • EBDSupply Air Nozzle
      • B1Belimo LM24 motor, 24v - 2 position or continuous
      • B2Belimo LM230 motor, 230v - 2 position or continuous
      • DMPRDamper


      • 360° directional adjustment
      • Excellent throw penetration
      • High capacity
      • Low noise levels
      • Motorised version available


      PPM 9010 as standard
      Other colours available on request

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