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ABC Circular Terminals

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      ABC is a circular displacement unit which provides supply air at low velocity and is suitable for floor / wall / corner installation. The units are mounted free standing on the floor with a base as a straight seamed supply duct or with duct cover. Alternatively they can be hung on a wall / corner using brackets.

      The diameter of the ABC and the circular connection are standardised, with the height to the customer’s requirements.

      The unit consists of a circular air distribution plate fixed onto top and bottom plates. A cylindrical perforated front panel is fitted over the assembly (without screws). For installation with a base or for wall assembly with brackets, the top and bottom plates are mounted with concealed fixing.

      Product Description

      • ABCCylindrical terminal

      Optional Base, Duct cover, Wall-mounting brackets


      • Special dimensions
      • Short adjacent zone
      • Suitable for all types of rooms


      • Front panel1.25mm hot-dipped galvanised steel
      • Other partsGalvanised steel with thickness depending on size.

      Visible parts powder coated in PPG9010.
      Other RAL or NCS colours are available on request.

      Specials and Accessories

      • Other dimensions
      • Stainless steel Standard 1.4301 (AISI 304) Surface brushed
        Other qualities on request
      • Reinforced front
      • Special assemblies – see below
      • Duct cover Available for Nominal sizes 125 to 500 - Length to customer’s specification [see Dimensions]
      • Base (optional) standard height 100mm, other heights on request
      • Damper
      Size L max
      125-400 2000
      500 1250

      Dimensions and Weights

      A, Ø standard dimensions
      B customer-specific [maximum 2000mm]
      Bs recommended height B to suit A, Ø

      Duct cover (Nominal standard sizes only), made to the customer’s specification. Maximum section length in one piece 1960mm

      Straight seamed duct (Nominal standard sizes only)

      Maximum section length in one piece:
      2000mm for 125-400Ø Nominal
      1250mm for 500Ø Nominal

      ABC A Bs Ø kg
      125 160 600 125 8
      160 200 600 160 15
      200 250 1000 200 18
      250 315 1000 250 25
      315 400 1000 315 35
      400 500 1500 400 40
      500 650 2000 500 65

      Product Specification

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