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1H / 1V / 2H / 2V Adjustable Blade Grilles

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      The Waterloo adjustable, single and double deflection, grilles are suitable for duct, ceiling and sidewall applications in most commercial projects. The grille vanes are individually adjustable to allow jet spread or deflection to be set within 45° of the duct axis.

      Product Description

      • 1HSingle set of horizontal blades
      • 1VSingle set of vertical blades
      • 2HDouble set of blades with front set horizontal
      • 2VDouble set of blades with front set vertical
      • OBSSAllen key operated opposed blade damper
      • EDEqualising deflector
      • DT-2MAdjustable duct turn (Installed in duct)


      • Single or double deflection for complete air pattern control
      • Teardrop blade for quiet operation but maximum induction


      PPG9010 (RAL 9010 Gloss - 80% Gloss White)
      PPM9010 (RAL 9010 Matt - 20% Gloss White)
      PPM9006 (RAL 9006 Matt - 30% Gloss Silver)

      Other colours or anodised finish available on request


      • 1H /1V8.5 kg/m² face area
      • 2H /2V12.0 kg/m² face area
      • OBSS/ED9.5 kg/m² face area
      • DT2M9.0 kg/m² face area


      Minimum size - 75 x 75mm

      Maximum size - 1500 x 1200mm

      Fixing Options

      • SF
      • CF
      • VS
      • AFVS
      • PFVS
      • AFCF
      • RCCF
      • CRB
      • RCHS
      • AFHS
      • BSSBD
      • BSSBP

      BSSBP (NOT for 2H or 2V)


      Aluminium extrusions

      Free Area
      1H/1V 2H/2V
      74% 66%

      Product Specification

      Grille Dimension Calculator
      Grille Dimension Calculator

      Calculator for nominal and overall dimensions.

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