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Waterloo’s New Barrel Slot Diffuser Gives Design Flexibility in Large Spaces

Waterloo Air Products PLC has launched a larger Barrel Slot Diffuser to give architects and building engineers greater flexibility in designing air movement systems.

The new CSB 25 Barrel Slot Diffuser reinforces Waterloo’s comprehensive range of air terminal devices, by offering a stylish, multi-directional answer to optimising air flow in large spaces.

“There’s been a real trend towards ‘bigger and better’ in commercial projects, and now it’s happening in residential developments too. Architects are using high ceilings to give more of a design impact in luxury apartments, and even creating double-storey reception areas to achieve a stunning first impression,” comments Mat Southgate, Product and Development Manager at Waterloo.

“Pushing the boundaries like this has an effect on air flow, meaning that larger slot diffusers are needed to deliver air into these spaces.”

The CSB 25 Barrel Slot Diffuser has 100mm long barrels, which can be positioned to deliver air precisely to the left, right or vertically. This gives building engineers the flexibility to create dynamic, multi-directional air movement.

Waterloo has engineered the CSB 25 Barrel Slot Diffuser to be as narrow as possible, giving a sleeker appearance within the overall room design, whilst delivering maximum performance and control.

The diffuser’s aesthetics are enhanced with a rounded fascia, and can be ordered in any RAL colour. There’s also a range of decorative finishes for an eye-catching effect, or to blend into the existing environment.