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Waterloo’s hi-tech test lab offers state-of-the-art facilities for product development and customer training

When it comes to ventilation, Waterloo Air Products plc are the experts and the Waterloo Tech Hub can provide customers with the information and solutions they need. From mock-ups in the test lab to one off designs, practical solutions and training, Waterloo has the capabilities to provide customers with fast and accurate results that help ensure projects run smoothly.

“As Waterloo continues to grow and maintain its status as one of the leaders in air distribution we ensure investment goes into the heart of our business and more specifically into our lab testing facilities,” explains Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo.


“Waterloo’s lab has a range of high-tech equipment that is very capable and reliable for the high demand of training and test requests we receive,” adds Rick.

Recently Atkins, one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies, sent a group of its apprentice engineers to Waterloo’s head office in Maidstone for training which included a practical demonstration in the Airflow Lab.

The fully equipped Airflow Lab incorporates state-of-the-art test equipment, with a floor space measuring 5metresx10metres with an adjustable ceiling that ranges from 2.5metres to 3metres. The lab’s capabilities include heated flooring, heated walls, adjustable ductwork in the ceiling and floor, with a floor void for floor grilles along with a wall partition that can be adjusted to the required room size.

Demonstrations included a few of Waterloo’s most popular products including the CS-Slot diffuser, ALN Grilles, Chilled Beams, LCT and Eyeball Diffuser. Smoke tests were carried out for visual effect so that the patterns of air flow could be seen, and students were shown how airflow meters worked with temperature and velocity.

“When we run training days we want attendees to be engaged and carrying out smoke test is a great way of injecting some fun in the training which we hope will be memorable. Waterloo is one of the most knowledgeable companies in the industry when it comes to understanding air distribution, we aim to pass on our knowledge and inspire students attending our training days. Judging by the feedback we receive, our courses are very beneficial,” comments Matreya Southgate, Product and Development Manager at Waterloo.

Waterloo’s test lab was established over 25 years ago; it uses the latest technology and Waterloo invests heavily in R&D to develop new products that are rigorously tested.

The company is unique in having such extensive resources which enables visitors and trainees to witness the latest in air diffusion mechanics and for Waterloo to ensure products are developed to meet even the most exacting criteria.