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Waterloo’s five-day delivery is a winner with customers looking for a speedy service

Waterloo has always provided fast lead time on products but its five-day fast track service is proving very popular with customers running tight projects.

HVAC projects are increasingly under pressure to reduce costs, minimise the amount of time kit is left on site post delivery and require greater flexibility. As a result the company has seen an increase in its five-day delivery particularly from time critical projects for both air terminal products and chilled beams.

“Close relationships with customers are essential and being able to respond to tight or unexpected project requirements is essential in today’s climate,” says Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo Air Products plc.

“The service Waterloo provides is as much a part of our business as the actual products we deliver and the relationships forged with the supply chain are key to remaining competitive.

Customers still place orders according to project fit out schedules to ensure their requirements are built into Waterloo’s production schedules, but they have the flexibility of being able to make changes if necessary nearer the time.

“Project requirements can change,” says Rick Edmondson. “But with UK-based manufacturing facilities in Maidstone and a highly skilled and flexible workforce, Waterloo can adapt very readily to critical project requirements even when there is a requirement for non standard units.”

The company offers a wide range of air terminal products as well as chilled beams and VAV products. Orders placed before noon can go straight into the production schedule and can be on site days later.