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Waterloo Releases Its Latest Edition Of The Green Book

The new edition of the popular Green Book from Waterloo Air Products PLC, is now available. It’s ideal for HVAC consultants, engineers and architects looking for valuable technical information on air diffusion.

The popular guide has been an indispensable resource for the industry and this new edition includes a major update. The book breaks down air diffusion and provides important performance data to make key decision making easier.

Waterloo has been manufacturing air terminal devices for over 100 years. As part of its role to provide architects, engineers and developers with air distribution products that create the right environment through good air flow, Waterloo constantly shares its knowledge with the industry.

“The latest edition of the Green Book provides up-to-date knowledge so key decision makers can make the most informed choice when it comes to air diffusion,” explains John Tiernan, Managing Director, Waterloo Air Products.

“Through collaboratively working on projects and constantly being involved in new and exciting developments, we are naturally always learning new information about air diffusion.

“We felt that what we have learnt in the six years since our last update to the Green Book, that the time was right to ensure that the knowledge we have, is shared with the people who need it in the industry.”

Filled with important information, the Green Book guides architects, developers and HVAC consultants through performance details and factors which effects the type of air terminal device needed. There’s also a breakdown of which devices are best suited to certain applications, including schools, hospitals, offices, shopping centres and airports.

“We get many requests for the Green Book so it’s really important to make sure we continue to bring out new editions that bring fresh ideas and fresh air to developments across multiple sectors,” adds John.

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