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Waterloo Invests in its Paint Shop to Deliver Design Boost

As architects and specifiers demand bolder colours to match the overall look of their projects Waterloo Air Products plc has invested in its Paint Shop to give customers a faster turnaround on standard colours of air terminal devices, as well as greater flexibility for more unusual aesthetics.

The paint shop investment includes a new energy-efficient drying oven, auto-spraying equipment, a waste recover system and a manual booth for short-run orders. It is part of a wider investment to support customers, with additional warehousing and more space on the factory floor for increased capacity.

We’re seeing a move towards bolder colours as architects and specifiers grasp the potential to make grilles and diffusers part of the overall building design. Our latest investment in our on-site facility helps us to meet this demand and supply well-engineered, good-looking air terminal devices in a faster turnaround time.

We manufacture air terminal devices which meet the complicated air flow requirements for a range of different applications including, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, retail and housing. Our paint shop allows us to create detailed designs to suit the look of any project’s surroundings.

Architects and specifiers have projects which range across several sectors, so this investment reinforces our commitment to making sure that our air terminal devices can not only meet air flow requirements, but also slot into the design of any building.

The new spraying facility means we can more efficiently offer a broad range of colours, shades and textures to meet customers’ requirements. This is complemented by a sophisticated filtering system which ensures every paint finish is perfect, however complex the design.

As well as providing more efficient design production, the investment improves waste reduction and energy efficiency reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. Modern building design specifications increasingly look for proof of sustainable manufacture and the latest upgrades support our work in meeting these requirements.