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Waterloo Pass ISO9001 Audit With Flying Colours

November has been a busy month for Group Technical Manager Wander ter Kuile, as we have been audited by BSI in Aylesford, UK, and Holten, NL. Waterloo achieved a Group accreditation status five years ago as the final step in a harmonisation programme to ensure both Companies adopted the same rigorous processes. This has given the Group the opportunity to benchmark performance across the two manufacturing sites and continually improve Service standards. The two sites are audited independently and the Audit Reports collated at Board level. Wander reported that;

“Consolidating the Audit Reports has become a very simple process as the last two audits have been passed so successfully. This allows us to continue with our improvement projects without having to rework processes that are non-conforming. My next task is to look at best practice within the Sales Office now that the Group has harmonised computer systems”

Copies of the ISO9001 Certificate are available on request.