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Waterloo goes urban

Waterloo Air Products plc’s latest range of grilles features an ‘industrial edge’, to meet the requirements for air distribution in minimalist building design that calls for exposed ductwork.

“Industrial styling by architects that features ductwork opens up new possibilities in air distribution,” says Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo Air Products plc.

“An environment that suggests aspects of our industrial heritage can function efficiently by incorporating disguised features that is at the forefront of technology. The Urban Grille exemplifies Waterloo’s understanding of airflows and our manufacturing expertise helps architects to deliver their vision, creating buildings that are functional but stimulating and aesthetically pleasing.”

The Urban Grille is manufactured from 1.6mm galvanised steel, and has been designed specifically for projects where exposed ductwork is a feature of a building’s design.

Three models are available, Urban Curve (UC), Urban Flat (UF) and Urban End (UE). A range of options includes removable cores, adjustable horizontal or vertical blades and blade pitches depending on the application and model required.

The Urban Curve is designed to match the side walls of galvanised steel oval ducting and is available with various throw angled blades to suit project requirements.
The Urban Flat grille suits vertical throws when installed on the underside of galvanised steel ducting and the Urban End grille fits into galvanised steel flat oval ducts. Blades are available for the Urban End in various angles depending on the throw characteristics required. Urban End Grilles are built to suit standard heights, but can be manufactured to fit any width as part of Waterloo’s free design service.
All three are supplied in a natural galvanised finish to complement industrial styling but are also available in natural aluminium finish.

Any duct layout design can be catered for with the three styles. The latest additions to Waterloo’s grille range, offers one of the widest selections of grilles available from a UK manufacturer.