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Waterloo backs injury free working environments

Employees at Waterloo Air Products plc have recently taken part in and given their support to an injury free training initiative delivered by Skanska UK.

As part of its own commitment, Waterloo is encouraging employees to adopt a culture of actively promoting a safer work place.

“The rising cost of insurance is encouraging businesses to take a more concerted look at how they can improve the safety of their workplaces,” says Ron Edmondson, Managing Director of Waterloo. “People should feel safe and secure at their place of work.”

Waterloo backs injury free working environments

“We welcome Skanska’s approach. Any steps Waterloo can take to encourage employees to adopt standards that deliver a safer environment benefits everyone.”

Skanska actively encourages its subcontractors and business partners to participate in promoting safer environments, as their collaboration is key in the prevention of injuries.

“We work closely with Skanska UK on many projects, we were delighted to support the company and that so many of our staff were able to take part,” adds Rachel Roots, Waterloo’s Business Development Manager, who was one of the proud recipients of the Injury Free Environment (IFE) orientation certificate presented by Skanska UK.

Skanska initially implemented behavioural policies as part of their own injury free strategy. IFE is a culture adopted by increasing numbers of businesses, where everyone in the company is empowered to take responsibility to be personally involved in the prevention of harm to themselves and their colleagues. By inviting subcontractors and business partners to take part, the industry is proactively embracing safer working practices and setting new standards.