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Waterloo are champions for collaboration

Ron Edmondson presented the National Commercial Directors Forum with the top prize for Integration and Collaboration at the Constructing Excellence Awards, held on 30 June 2016.

Waterloo Air Products plc, director Ron is committed to collaboration and integration, so it was with real pleasure that he handed over the award to such a great example at the Constructing Excellence in London and South East Awards.

The winner, Network Rail’s Commercial Directors Forum, was set up by Network Rail in 2011 to promote collaborative working throughout the supply chain and tackle industry issues in a collaborative way whilst delivering demonstrable results.

The group includes key suppliers and industry stakeholders from nearly 50 organisations. The aim was to bring their collective influence to drive industry change, and to achieve faster and safer delivery of projects at better value.

Results include some inspiring ‘industry firsts,’ such as a rail sector Fair Payment Charter and a rail sector Sustainability Charter. Building on the success and strength of the National CDF a Regional CDF model has also been created.

The judges were particularly impressed with Network Rail’s refreshing approach, especially in such a challenging environment. The Commercial Directors Forum brings together some of the most innovative minds in the industry and creates space for the collaborative development of solutions and opportunities to positively change the dynamics of the industry.

Ron Edmondson talks about why collaboration is key

It’s been a pleasure to watch the Constructing Excellence in London and the South East Awards grow over the past few years. The 2016 event was attended by over 560 construction industry professionals – more than four times the size the event was in 2011.

Throughout our sponsorship of the Integration and Collaborative Working category, we’ve seen some inspiring examples of partnership in action. And that’s why we continue to sponsor the Integration and Collaborative Working award – because it’s something we believe in passionately.

By working together, the construction industry can achieve results that are more cost- and energy- efficient, for a future that is more sustainable, both environmentally and commercially.

Collaborative working is key to our work at Waterloo, because many of our products are ‘specials,’ custom-designed and manufactured for the project’s specific needs.

By being involved at the earliest opportunity in a project, we can better understand the client’s objectives and develop Air Terminal Devices that add value through minimal cost and maximum performance.

This approach to collaborative working extends to our testing facilities. Our labs are available to consultants for demonstrating products to clients and for engineers to investigate problems that may occur on-site. We’ll even furnish our lab to replicate the exact real-world conditions of the room being designed. Need to measure the air movement in a hotel room? We’ll recreate the room exactly in our lab, down to the smallest detail.

As the name of the awards say, it’s about ‘Constructing Excellence’ – and the greater the level of collaboration, the easier that is to achieve.

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