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Waterloo Air Products PLC Launches New Design Website

Top UK manufacturers of air terminal devices, Waterloo Air Products PLC, has launched a new companion website focussed on architects and interior designers to help make ventilation part of the design.

The new website,, which stands alongside Waterloo’s technical site, shows visitors how Waterloo’s air terminal devices can be part of the overall design, without compromising on their vision. Working closely with architects and interior designers, Waterloo offers the best designs and products that create the right air flow and look.

“Architects and interior designers want to find the right balance between effective ventilation and design,” says Ron Edmondson, Managing Director at Waterloo. “Waterloo collaborates with them to help them achieve this. We provide guidance and advice on how to work air terminal devices into design, whilst still ensuring their performance meets the requirements of the setting.

“The new design website gives architects, designers and consultants ideas of how we can help them to make a grille or a diffuser, part of the décor so it fits in with the original design. For example, we have diffusers that can replicate a shadow gap.”

The new website features lots of examples of Waterloo’s products fitted as part of a building’s design. This includes offices, hotels, houses, swimming pools and medical facilities. There’s key information about finishes and fixings as well as info about how Waterloo can help architects and interior designers.

Visit the Design Website at