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Replacing Air Terminal Devices in Commercial Building Refits

There are many reasons for refitting a commercial building, from a new usage of the workspace to giving it a makeover to attract new tenants. Whatever has prompted the decision to refit, it’s highly likely that the air terminal devices in the building will need to be replaced.

Installing the right air terminal device is crucial for effective air flow through a commercial building. In every room, it’s important to have air circulating in the right direction and at the right velocity for those inside to work comfortably.

Lots of engineering and manufacturing expertise goes into selecting the right type of grille or diffuser, or even designing a bespoke product when it’s needed. Once the right air terminal device is in place, its precise engineering and high-quality metalwork means it can last indefinitely – provided the design and usage of the building stays the same.

Planning a refit requires a review of the building’s air terminal devices to check they are appropriate for meeting the new air flow requirements in each workspace or, if not, to specify new products that will deliver what’s needed.

Replacing Air Terminal Devices to Suit a Change of Usage

If a new owner comes in, or an existing floor of a commercial building is re-leased to a new tenant, there’s a good chance they might want to remodel the layout of their workspace to suit their specific needs.

Some businesses prefer open-plan offices. Others may need a greater or smaller number of meeting or conference rooms.

Any change to the layout can affect the performance of the existing air terminal devices. A partition wall might block the direction of a diffuser.

Even changing the size of a meeting room will mean that the air velocities entering the occupied space will need to be adjusted in order to maintain a comfortable environment for those working in it.

Replacing Air Terminal Devices to Suit a Building Makeover

Sometimes, a building design gets altered just because it’s time for a change – from a property agent looking to add value to a commercial building, to an existing owner or tenant wanting to refresh the look.

When an architect or interior designer comes in to bring fresh life to a workspace through a refit, they often work with a blank canvas. That leads to enormous creativity, but it usually means the shape and size of rooms are different. All of these items will have an effect on air flow:

  • New walls, floors or ceilings
  • Decorative features
  • Furniture

When this happens, it’s a good opportunity to integrate air terminal devices into the overall aesthetic of the building design. At Waterloo, we have an in-house paint shop and a range of decorative finishes to choose from. Architects and property owners can create the right look to suit their project by using metallic, marble or wood effects.

Choose Air Terminal Devices for Refits from Waterloo Air Products

As a leading manufacturer and supplier into the commercial sector, we have lots of experience helping property owners, architects and specifiers to change the specification of air terminal devices to suit a refit.

We’ve even been asked to revisit projects where we have previously supplied air terminal devices. The performance of the existing system is absolutely fine, but if the building needs a fresh look, or has to be made suitable for new tenants, it’s time to replace air terminal devices.

At Waterloo, we’re used to helping customers make these changes. With our comprehensive range of standard products enhanced by our expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke air terminal devices, we can tailor our products to meet the aesthetics and desired function of any workspace, whatever the reason for the change.