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Waterloo announces new data centre floor grille

As the UK’s leading expert in air distribution Waterloo Air Products plc is continually designing innovative solutions to satisfy its customers’ exacting requirements and the latest product to be unveiled is a new addition to its range of floor grilles.

To meet the specific air flow requirements of the data centre industry,Waterloo’s new HDFG – heavy duty floor grille – is specifically engineered to withstand heavy loads in hi-technology installations.


Although the HDFG is primarily being targeted at raised floor applications throughout data centres, computer rooms & telecom exchanges where increased cooling is required for server cabinets; it is also suitable for any other applications where heavy foot traffic is experienced.

As with all of Waterloo’s floor grilles, the HDFG is manufactured using robust high grade aluminium extrusions. This helps to minimise the risks of zinc whiskers, which can be a problem in older ‘legacy’ type data centres.

Raised access flooring is common in data centre halls, server rooms and many offices and is increasingly popular as the amount of cables and utilities that are required continues to grow. There is also a requirement for increased energy efficiencies, reductions in carbon footprints and lower PUEs. A well- designed floor grille also improves air flows in cold aisles and help to reduce hot spots. Its easy ‘drop-in’ facilitates maintenance and access to underfloor utilities.

A key feature of Waterloo’s heavy duty floor grille is the availability of two damper options, including a ‘hit and miss’ damper within the body of the grille itself which allows lower height installations.


The HDFG fits most manufacturers raised floor systems based on standard 600mm x 600mm (599mm x 599mm actual) floor tiles and is configurable to match various floor thicknesses from 25mm up to 50mm. Each grille weighs 10.0 Kg.


  • Fully tested and compliant with current floor grille standards including BS EN 13264-2001 Ventilation for Buildings – Floor Mounted Air Terminal Devices – Test for Structural Classification – Extra Heavy Class
  • Suitable for most pedestal flooring systems
  • Easy drop-in installation
  • Choice of dampers including low height version
  • Damper adjustment
  • Dampers and blanking plates can be factory fitted or retro-fitted on site if required

The HDFG is competitively priced and offers a robust solution comparable to any other heavy duty data centre floor grille currently available.

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