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The Benefits of Chilled Beams in Plain English

There is no question that, over recent, years, chilled beams have become increasingly specified for their energy efficiency. With a choice of three different variations; passive, active, and integrated/multi service beams, Waterloo Air Products plc, can provide chilled beams for a variety of applications.

So what are the key advantages?

Chilled beams have no need for motors, fans or filters, condensate pumps, or other moving parts that need maintenance. They are blissfully quiet, and have no need for ceiling voids or a need for much space at all.
With a stable output they deliver good cooling loads, whilst contributing to a buildings overall reduction in carbon emissions – and helping to achieve a desirable BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating.

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Push the design parameters!

We frequently test design parameters to accommodate more dynamically engineered and challenging building designs.
Understanding air flows and how a space is going to be conditioned needs to be balanced with the architects aesthetic requirements. With more buildings pushing the design boundaries, fully understanding performance levels is crucial.

Ricks Thoughts

Our Ingenious design of Waterloo’s Chilled beams range allows us to maintain their clever and efficient cooling characteristics while allowing great flexibility in the design of the casework.

This allows us to compliment the aesthetics requirements of even the most innovative approaches in modern architectural design

One of our most recent projects for chilled beams was the Library of Birmingham.

Our engineers configured the casings to direct and control the airflow, providing a comfortable and appropriate environment in a variety of different areas.
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I want something sustainable

Done! Chilled beams score highly when it comes to sustainability.

They use less material than other HVAC systems, and Waterloo manufacture them from recyclable materials (copper, steel and aluminium).

A 25 year plus life cycle and low CO2 emissions increases chilled beams sustainability factor and was a key criteria for the recent refurbishment of Putney Police station in West London.

Thinking Green

With the tightening of legislation and improvements in building, sustainable buildings are in higher demand than ever before.

Price is still a major consideration, but longer term strategies and the green agenda’s demands for greater efficiencies, reduced carbon emissions, sourcing of sustainable products along with space constraints and maintenance costs, have helped create the perfect storm for the chilled beam industry.

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