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Paint finishes add the final touch

Waterloo Air Products plc is well known for its wide range of high performing air distribution products, but it also has an excellent in-house paint shop with staff that produce excellent finishes time and again for customers who love the results.

“Our products should not only perform well but look great too!” says Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo Air Products plc.


Waterloo’s on-site purpose-built facility offers customers an extensive palette of colours and finishes that offer exceptional durability, quality and minimal environmental impact.

“We needed a painting and preparation facility to keep the full manufacturing process at our site. Keeping the facility in-house enables us to maintain our exceptionally high levels of quality,” adds Rick Edmondson.

On top of the standard 300 RAL and BS colours, customers are able to make selections from a full range of non-standard powder coats including metallic finishes.

In addition, dependant on project requirements, Anti-bacterial finishes for hospital environments and clean laboratories as well as textured finishes are also available.

The in-house paint shop enables Waterloo to take its products from basic to bold and beyond.

One of the latest additions to its paint finish portfolio is hydrographic technology enabling Waterloo to offer finishes at a more distinctive level with exceptional results.

Hydrographic finishes are proving to be very popular, particularly in high end residential projects. The process enables architects and building owners to showcase a building’s personality or highlight air distribution systems in distinctive ways. Effects include various woods, carbon fibre, animal prints, leather and marbles.