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Help Reduce The Risk Of Infection With Waterloo’s Aircell Polymer Range

For hospitals and healthcare facilities, poor air circulation is a problem. It can lead to the build-up of pathogens in the air which cause patients to catch infections. Waterloo Air Products PLC, manufactures its Aircell Polymer range of grilles, diffusers and valves to help prevent poor indoor air from stratification (layering) of temperatures and contaminated air within the occupied space.

The Waterloo Aircell Polymer range is the first choice for healthcare facilities. Aircell is made using injection moulded engineering polymer which means they are free from corrosion and the system is easy to clean for regular maintenance. As they have no metal components, this makes them suited to environments such as radiography and MRI rooms.

A whole Aircell unit can easily be removed from where it has been mounted and easily dissembled. Cleaning the grilles and diffusers helps to keep the system effective so air doesn’t become contaminated and lead to potential build-up of pathogens.

“Good air quality is vital in all environments, but in healthcare facilities, it is even more important to make sure there is a good mixture of air to stop air stratification,” says Mat Southgate, Product and Development Manager at Waterloo.

“That’s where the Aircell Polymer range comes in. Because the range is made using injected engineering polymer, it means the finish cannot be damaged, unlike powder coating. If aluminium grilles and diffusers are used in a high-moisture environment, cleaning could lead to paint being accidentally damaged which then leads to corrosion. Therefore, Aircell is the best choice for customers working on healthcare projects.”

Waterloo’s grilles, diffusers and valves in the Aircell range can be mounted in ceilings, doors, walls, partitions or floors.

If you’re working on a healthcare building project, call Waterloo to discuss your requirements on 01622 711511.