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#Createthelook With Air Grilles and Diffusers That Complete Your Vision

Building ventilation doesn’t have to be just about performance. Certainly, its key role is to create a comfortable space for people to live and work in but the choice of air grilles and diffusers can also play a seamless part in the overall design of a building’s interior.

A HVAC system is vital to providing a living environment but architects and developers don’t want it to affect the look of the interior of their building.

Waterloo Air Products Plc offers grilles, diffusers and other air diffusion devices which not only provide outstanding air distribution but help to #createthelook.

Waterloo has been designing and manufacturing air terminal devices for over 100 years. Our in-house team have lots of technical expertise when it comes to designing air terminal devices to suit a specific project.

We have worked on some fantastic projects with inspiring architecture, like the Library of Birmingham and Europe’s largest biomedical centre, The Francis Crick Institute. Each development has a completely different set of requirements when it comes to both look and performance. So there are many different things that we have to take into consideration including the design of the building, the architect’s vision and the purpose the building serves once it’s complete. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, retail or medical, we work across multiple sectors that affect how our air terminal devices fit into the design of a development.

We work in collaboration with architects to make sure their vision comes to life. We like to talk through the whole aspect of a building’s plan to make sure we not only help the finished building to provide the right air flow, but so our air terminal devices slot perfectly into the design. In fact, the earlier we can get involved the better.

At Waterloo, we believe that you can #createthelook you want with our range of bespoke air terminal devices. Check out below just some of the ways we can work our air terminal devices into your project.

Part Of The Décor

If you’re working on a residential project, it’s really important that the air terminal devices are integrated as seamlessly as possible into the design of each room. We know we’ve done our job when it’s harder to spot one of our air terminal devices.

The picture above is an example of how we can match our products with the overall look and design of a residential property. We can actually help you to choose products that can blend in to the decor. The one above serves as a decorative border in a living area, supplying fresh air to a room to help it breathe whilst at the same time the air terminal devices slot brilliantly into the overall look of the room.

They’re In The Floor

The picture above is taken from the recently redeveloped Francis Crick Institute in London. We provided over 10,000 air terminal devices to the project, so our products play a pivitol role in achieving the right air flow in each part of the building.

Particularly in the communal areas, it was important for our devices to be fitted in a way which didn’t draw attention to them but made sure they still worked effectively. The example above shows some of our WFO/I/T which are fitted discreetly into the floor.


We also work on smaller projects. So it’s even more important to make sure that that our air diffusion products are worked into the design. The picture above is an example of our air terminal devices in a lounge area of a hotel.

The circular diffusers in the picture are positioned in a tiled effect to create a continuous pattern across the ceiling which has been coordinated with the lighting placements to achieve a design which looks symmetrical.

If you want to work grilles, diffusers and other air diffusion products into the design of your next development, get in touch with us at