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Constructing Excellence London and the South East Awards 2015

Last night’s awards brought with it yet another year of strong contenders for each of the individual categories. Dressed to impress each entrant waited fervently for the announcement on who had won each award.

It is with pride that Waterloo Air Products plc, as sponsors of the award, can announce that with their project on Repeatable Rooms, won the award in question.

CE 2015 Winners

The Managing Director of Waterloo, Ron Edmondson, announced the award, resulting in cheer from the winning table, followed by enthusiastic and universal applause.

All of the finalists had strong entries but ProCure21plus’ commitment to integration and collaborative working shone through and they were granted the prestigious award.

Reduction in costs to the client were made in three primary areas: design, cost, net internal area and components. This was done not only by working within their own team, but by involving medical practitioners to ensure that the result was not only effective but a practical one too.

“Choosing a winner was a tough decision. All of the finalists in this category demonstrated a less than adversarial approach, with innovative displays of integration and collaboration,” comments Ron Edmondson. He goes on to say “The commitment of ProCure21plus and their associates, to appear as a single, efficient and coherent entity to the client ultimately granted them this year’s award.”

The construction industry is in a time of great change, with more and more cost and energy efficient solutions being sought after. Waterloo believe that the best way forward is to stand together, to collaborate and become united in seeking a better future.

Integration and collaboration are good characteristics not only for businesses but for welcoming a future based on sustainability and progression.