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Waterloo keeping the land green and the water blue

Waterloo Air Products plc., is proud to announce our certification to ISO 14001.

With every business having to scrutinise its processes, comply with legislation and ensure that its operations have minimal impact on the environment, any tool that can help ease the process must be welcome.

ISO 14001 is just such a tool; Waterloo adopted a common practice for both quality and environmental awareness over two decades ago.

When the template for the ISO 14000 series was developed in 1996, our processes only asked for fine tuning rather than complete change.

Proud Chairman, Rick Edmondson, holding the Certification

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 essentially maps out an environmental system that helps businesses in any industry looking to avoid depleting natural resources or damaging to the world around us.

It is fast becoming a must-have certification for any business; whilst ISO 14001 identifies areas such as lowering energy consumption, cutting down on raw materials and waste disposal, it is also conducive to cost savings.

The standard helps identify and improve operational efficiencies which can lead to lower distribution costs, reduced insurance cover costs, and give you a significant advantage over competitors when tendering for projects.

 How did we do it?

Waterloo received the certification at the end of 2013, the whole process having been of immense value.

We have an environmental policy that provides us with a useful framework.

All employees are aware of the environmental issues that affect the business; with their help we have reduced waste production by adopting waste minimisation measures and implementing recycling and recovery practices where possible.

Recycling is a major part of our strategy and Waterloo uses recycled packaging wherever possible.

What have we achieved?

To-date Waterloo has achieved a reduction of waste to landfill of 13% since 2012 and increased waste to recycling by 12%.

We have also reduced the risk of groundwater and surface water pollution by ensuring that all chemicals and waste products are effectively controlled and managed.

To further reduce our energy consumption, machinery and process are regularly reviewed and where possible new practices are implemented.

Looking to the future

Waterloo has undertaken a number of projects: replacement of equipment with energy equivalents, installation of energy efficient lighting, use of PIR where appropriate, and use of power monitors are just a few.


Waterloo Group ISO 14001-2004 certification for the design, development, procurement, manufacture and supply of air movement products.


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