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Good air quality is vital, and the movement of air plays a big part in delivering that quality. Whether it’s for public buildings, shopping malls, hotels or hospitals, we have products to deliver the exact specification you need.

Some of the most ambitious buildings have been built in Asia. From the Gulf to Saudi Arabia, requirements in this region are naturally demanding technically and very often bespoke design is a requirement on such high-profile building developments.

From our UK HQ, we work extensively across Asia and have several of these prestigious projects where our products have been installed. Here are just a few:

Art Museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Linear Floor Grilles have been installed in where, in addition to weight bearing capability, finish detailing was highly important.

Retail outlet, Muscat, Oman:

To ensure a comfortable customer experience, Waterloo circular diffusers were installed in a retail outlet ventilation system in Oman.

Oncology Hospital, Bahrain:

Swirl diffusers and bespoke engineered plenum boxes are installed in a high-dependency hospital in Bahrain. The Aircell range of polymer grilles and diffusers are ideal for Healthcare applications.

We have a range of louvres and sand louvres which are designed to cope with the desert environment.

These examples show the breadth of our experience. Our technical team can discuss your requirements to help you choose the best products for your project. We can assist at any stage in the design and build, and work with architects, contractors and engineers.

You can see some of the developments we’ve worked on around the world – click on the project tab for more details. If you’re looking for design ideas, please go to our companion website created for architects and designers.

If you have a project in Asia, and would like more information about any of our products, please contact us either using the form opposite or call +44(0)1622 711 500

Email: sales@waterloo.co.uk

Middle East

With such a strong global presence it’s no surprise that Waterloo’s Diffusers and Grilles are the subject of regular specification by mechanical and electrical Consultants and Contractors throughout the region.

Engineers need confidence that building services products they use deliver technically and have a manufacturing pedigree that ensures quality.

With a timeline that goes back almost 100 years and probably tens of thousands of projects delivered this is assured with the Waterloo Air Products range.

From the Gulf to Saudi Arabia, requirements in this region are naturally demanding technically and very often bespoke design is a requirement on such as high profile and prestige building developments.

This is where specific Waterloo products and engineering support are a clear choice.

The Waterloo CS Linear Slot Diffuser range is an industry standard in ventilation system design.

Of particular interest are Waterloo’s HF High Flow Linear Diffusers that deliver high volume air supply and can create an architectural feature if necessary on such as Commercial installations and High End Residential developments.

Jet Diffusers are regularly used in large traffic areas such as Airport Terminals and Metro Rail installations.

Waterloo’s established and comprehensive range of Linear Grilles and Registers are an immediate choice for all types of Hospital, Commercial, Education and Retail developments.

Linear Floor Grilles have been installed in Museums in Dubai where in addition to weight bearing capability finish detail was highly important.

Retail outlet ventilation systems in Oman benefit from the use of Waterloo Circular Diffusers to ensure a comfortable customer experience

A high dependency Hospital in Bahrain features Waterloo Swirl Diffusers accompanied by bespoke engineered plenum boxes.

Quite naturally Waterloo Louvres and Sand Louvres are deployed whether the installation is city centre or remotely located.

Whatever the project there’s a Waterloo Air product to deliver a desirable environmental condition.

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