The first in Europe with tried and tested Active Beams!

Waterloo Active Beams are the first in Europe to pass the new pr EN 15116 standard.

Waterloo high output active beams (ABM) are used for ventilated heating and cooling applications. These units have 2 or 4 pipe coils to allow Cooling and/or heating circuits to run simultaneously, giving constant and responsive control.

The design allows a large optimum capacity, and also allows the customer to specify the nozzle type and pitch for individual circumstances.

Active beams are made from steel to a large range of customer specified sizes and as such are suitable for various different ceiling systems. They can also be purpose made to incorporate a wide range of features that are described in the ABM section of the product selection catalogue.

Active Beam


To achieve optimum performance, stringent control in the design, manufacture, assembly and installation is critical.

Active Beams

Our range of chilled beams have been independently tested by the Building Services Research Information Association (BSRIA), the UK’s foremost test authority for building services products. The applicable test standard used was pr EN 15116 Ventilation in Buildings – Chilled Beams – Testing and rating of active chilled beams. This pre-standard describes the methods for measuring cooling capacity of chilled beams with forced airflow, the entire purpose of which is to give comparable and repeatable data. Consequently, the presented performance data in the product selection catalogue is a reliable measure of installed performance.

Waterloo are the first UK based manufacturer to submit a range of active chilled beams to 3rd party evaluation.

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The Waterloo ABM is a compact ceiling or surface mounted unit for heating and cooling. With the supply of primary air through nozzles, secondary room air is induced through a heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is supplied with cold or hot water, for chilling or warming, and a multitude of nozzle configurations are available to meet any project requirements. The weight of the unit relative to its high capacity for heating and cooling is remarkable, and the shape of the unit gives a flat horizontal air supply pattern providing good throw characteristics.

The Waterloo range has been extended to include exposed surface mounted units which can incorporate luminaries, sprinkler systems, public address systems, room sensors and cable trays.

Through its clever modular design, the ABM modules can be fitted together to maintain aesthetic consistency. The ABM is available with a 300mm or 600mm wide profile to integrate into most ceiling systems.

A typical Active Beam office application;

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